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Postuby V2

New Era Begins with Postuby V2! Here are all the amazing features

Hello everyone! How are you? We are very excited to introduce the V2 version of Postuby that we have been working on for a long time. This is truly exciting because during the time V1 was live, we received tens of thousands of feedback, and based on this feedback, we developed the new version. So, Postuby V2 is your creation. 🤩

Before we begin, our biggest duty is to sincerely thank all our users! Our V1 version was not perfect, and we had shortcomings. Nevertheless, the Postuby service reached more than 40 thousand users, and over 1 million pieces of content were created in total. In the V2 Version, errors have been fixed, and many new features have been added.

First, let’s list the newly added features, and then we will explain each one individually:


  1. Renewed User Interface
  2. Special Interface for E-commerce Businesses
  3. AI Product Generator Feature | Showcase Your Products as High-Quality and Premium
  4. AI Product Description Writer
  5. AI Resolution Enhancer
  6. AI Magic Eraser
  7. Expanded Background Removal Feature
  8. Renewed AI Design Wizard | Now More Practical and Impressive
  9. Renewed Brands Section
  10. Team Feature | Now You Can Add Your Team Members
  11. New Payment Infrastructure | Now Accepting Payments from All Around the World* and Debit Cards
  12. AI Text Wizard | Generate AI-Powered Texts for All Social Media Platforms
  13. Live Social Media Tracking
  14. Service Support in 7 Different Languages
  15. Artificial Intelligence Design Library | Lexica


1 – Renewed User Interface


In the new version, we’ve designed a more unique, minimal, and eye-friendly user interface. Even if you’re a brand-new user, you won’t have any difficulty using Postuby. That’s because at a glance, you can see what Postuby is and what it can offer you.


new postuby


2 – Special Interface for E-commerce Businesses


In the V1 Version, a significant portion of our 40,000+ users were individuals engaged in e-commerce. We communicated extensively with the majority of our users and listened to their requests. The e-commerce sector, especially related to product presentations, had high demand. Therefore, specifically for this purpose, we have developed an entirely dedicated panel for E-commerce! This panel will effortlessly handle all your design processes related to your products, without causing you any hassle!

e commerce postuby


3 – AI Product Generator Feature | Showcase Your Products as High-Quality and Premium


With the AI Product Generator (Product Shooter), you can obtain stunning product visuals without the need for professional photography or design processes. This is truly exciting! Because now, you can showcase your products as more expensive and high-quality. What’s more, it’s extremely easy. Just imagine, take out your phone and snap a photo of your product. Then, upload this photo to Postuby. Within seconds, the background is removed, and the background image you desire is created using artificial intelligence. Amazing!

postuby ai urun fotografciligi


4 – AI Product Description Writer


With Postuby’s new and magical feature, the “AI Product Description Writer,” you can now tell the story of your products in a much more enjoyable and fast way. This new feature is built on advanced artificial intelligence technology and can generate impressive results from the small pieces of information you provide!

Bu özellik için daha fazla bilgiye bu link üzerinden ulaşabilirsiniz.

product description


5 – AI Resolution Enhancer Feature


With this feature, you can increase the resolution of your photos by up to 4 times. While doing this, you can notice an improvement in the clarity of your photos thanks to advanced artificial intelligence technology. What’s more, it’s very easy to use! Just upload the photo, and Postuby’s artificial intelligence takes care of the rest!

ai cozunurluk yukseltici

6 – AI Magic Eraser


With the AI Magic Eraser feature, you can easily remove unwanted objects or backgrounds in seconds during your design process, allowing you to focus all attention on the main elements. Thanks to the unique artificial intelligence support, you will have a truly magical tool at your disposal to make perfect adjustments in your design!

AI Sihirli Silgi

7 – The Background Removal Feature has been expanded.


Our Background Removal feature has been further enhanced in V2 to provide more precise and accurate results. Now, you can edit your photo’s background more effectively, and the results will be mesmerizing! Most importantly, you don’t have to use the design editor to use the background removal feature. We have added this feature to the menu so that you can use it as a separate feature!



remove bg image


8 – The AI Design Wizard has been revamped in V2 to be more practical and impressive.


The AI Design Wizard is getting a complete overhaul in V2! If you struggle with creating your own designs, don’t worry! By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, you’ll be able to create stunning designs in just a few steps. Postuby V2 will make your creative process easier and introduce you to impressive results!


ai tasarim sihirbazi yenilendi




9 – Renewed Brands Section


The “brands” section has been revamped to make it much easier for you to use and manage your brands. Think of each of your brands as a folder and manage your folders effortlessly. Upload logos under your brands. Expand your brands with ease!



10 – Team Feature | Now You Can Add Your Team Members


One of the most exciting features introduced with Postuby V2 is the “Team” feature! Now, you can invite your team members to streamline project management and collaborate to create fantastic projects. Working together has never been this enjoyable!


11 – New Payment Infrastructure | Now Accepting Payments from All Around the World* and Debit Cards


With Postuby V2, the payment process is now much easier and user-friendly! Our revamped payment infrastructure works with Stripe integration, allowing us to accept payments from 90+ countries. Moreover, we have the ability to accept payments through debit cards, aiming to reach a broader audience.



12 – AI Text Wizard | Create AI-Powered Texts for All Social Media Platforms


Creating impressive and engaging content for social media is now much easier! With the AI Text Wizard introduced in Postuby V2, you can generate unique texts for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms with just a few clicks. You just choose the topic, and Postuby’s artificial intelligence will prepare fantastic texts for you!


ai labs


13 – Live Social Media Tracking


Keeping up with what’s happening on social media in real-time is now much easier! With the Live Social Media Tracking feature, you’ll have continuous access to up-to-date information about the hashtags, topics, and posts of rival brands you’re following. This way, you can keep an eye on your competitors’ moves and anticipate changes in the market ahead of time. Monitoring the pulse of social media has never been this easy!


live social media


14 – Service Support in 7 Different Languages


With Postuby V2, you’re now on a global platform! With service support in 7 different languages, we can cater to users from all around the world. Your projects and content will reach a broader audience, breaking through language barriers. It’s time to remove language limitations and start exploring the world!


farkli diller


15 – AI Content Library


The AI Content Library comes with millions of visuals previously generated by artificial intelligence. You can think of this feature as AI’s version of Google. Just type in what you’re looking for in the search bar, and get ready for the fantastic results from artificial intelligence!


ai icerik kutuphanesi 1


And that’s it! We’ve primarily focused on a more intimate interface with highly practical features. Of course, that’s not all! Nevertheless, we know that we have some shortcomings, and we are working with all our might to address these deficiencies.

Most importantly… you, our dear users, have truly played a significant role in this process, and thanks to you, Postuby has become much stronger and more advanced. We’ve taken into account every piece of feedback, request, and demand, and implemented them all in this new version. It’s an honor for us to be on this exciting journey with you and to provide the best for you. Thank you because you are the reason why Postuby V2 will be a magnificent success story!

Now, go ahead and explore right away, and enjoy showcasing your creativity with Postuby V2! We wish you excellent designs and fantastic projects!

Don’t forget, if you have new feedback to share with us: info[at] 🙂