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You Write, Artificial Intelligence Turns It Into Art

Everyone is an artist now! With the power of SDXL 1.0, your writing will become a stunning work of art.

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Create Impressive Designs with Artificial Intelligence

Automate the Design Process

Run the design wizard by typing a few words or sentences. Then, decide on the design you want and download it. That's all!

Organize Designs on One Screen

You can edit dozens of designs at the same time. Moreover, you can match the design colors to your brand with a single click. Your logo is added automatically.

One-Click Build for Every Platform

Create your designs for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest with one click, no resizing required.


Share on Social Media Instantly

Have you decided on the design? Now it's time to share. Share via Postuby with a few clicks. This feature will be active very soon.

Artificial Intelligence Will Design It, It Will Look Like A Professional Designer Did It.

Design Your Advertising Creatives ⚡

Use the AI Design wizard to create highly engaging content. And all you have to do is write a caption or add a photo. Postuby will do the rest and offer you dozens of different designs.
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Greeting Messages, Quotes and Much More⚡

You can make designs from different categories that will keep your social media accounts active with AI Design Wizard. Let's say you are going to design an aphorism. So which aphorism will you use? Sit back. Postuby will help you with this.

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