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Your Social Media on Autopilot

Sit back, Postuby creates and shares content for your social media accounts! Plus, it's completely automatic!​

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Why not have a platform that automatically creates and shares your content on social media?

Meet Postuby: Your Personal AI Social Media Agency

10x Faster 🤘🏽 Realy.

Traditional Competitors
Manual Content Production

Manual Content Schedule

Manual Calendar Create

Cannot Produce Voiced Content

Slow and Traditional

Postuby V3
AI Content Production

AI Content Schedule

AI Calendar Create

Can Produce Voice-over Content

Fast, Automatic and AI

in 5 Minutes

30 Days of Social Media Content


Price Savings

automation of social media
Your Personal AI Social Media Agency

Content Generation and Share on Autopilot

For Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and more.

create video
Voiced Videos Included

Generate Voiced Videos with AI

Your social media accounts will always stay up-to-date. Super fast.

social media ai tools

Generate Social Creatives

Generate content/videos for your social media accounts without entering the design process.

Get started growing your brand in under 10 minutes


Create Automation

Facilitate social media content management by creating fast and easy automations.

Identify the Content Idea

Express your idea, and have your content, including voice-over, prepared within seconds.

Let's Create and Share Content!

Your sharing calendar is generated with AI support, and all content is automatically shared!


Your next social media agency won't be just an agency.

More than 36,000 users love Postuby.
We continue to grow with our partner companies.

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