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New to E-commerce: Creative AI Photography with Postuby!

Feeling stuck in the world of e-commerce is unfortunately a familiar situation for many business owners. While the expense and time-consuming nature of professional photo shoots can make things difficult, spending hours shooting your products can also be tedious. However, this is where we offer a quick and humorous solution: Postuby! Enjoy leveraging Postuby to create more efficient and creative product images with AI, creating marketing assets that build your brand and increase sales!

postuby ai urun fotografciligi

Postuby makes your work easier and makes you feel like a very close friend is helping you. With a single product image, you can create unlimited beautiful photos and impress your customers. Moreover, you might be wondering how to use it, don’t worry! Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to use Postuby and then share some tips to increase conversions for your brand.

5 Steps to Create AI Product Images with Postuby

1. Take Your Product Photo

First of all, you need at least one image of your products to step into the magical world of Postuby. If your suppliers provide you with product images with a white background, great! You can use them. But don’t worry, if you don’t have such luck, you can easily handle it yourself. A professional camera is not necessary; today’s smartphone cameras can give you great results. In fact, with Postuby, you don’t even have to think too much about composition during the photo shoot, as you can remove and edit the background afterwards. Just shoot your products from different angles and that’s it!

2. Upload to Postuby and Let the Fun Begin!

Now, upload your awesome product photos to Postuby and add your touches to remove the background. In this step, you can feel like a magician – one tap and the background will disappear and your products will take center stage!

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3. Size, Position and Rotate

Time to change the size, position and angle of your products as you wish! Postuby gives you the chance to have fun with your products and let your creativity shine. This is where you can actually get excited as if you were shooting with your friend!

4. Choose a Theme and Make Your Creativity Iconic

Now it’s time to decorate your photos with fun themes! Postuby offers a variety of themes for you. Just choose and see how iconic your photos become! If a friend has recommended a theme to you, you can also try it.

postuby yapay zeka urun fotografciligi

5. Download and Share in High Resolution

When you reach the end of your adventure with Postuby, download the great photos in high resolution and get ready to share! Surprise your customers and followers with these new, fun and creative photos and start increasing conversions.

As a result, you can now breathe new life into your product photography in the friendly and humorous AI world that Postuby offers you. No spending thousands of dollars or hours of hassle, just use Postuby and make your e-commerce store soar! That’s how simple and fun it is. Remember, you can also share this secret with your friends. They can enjoy the magical world of Postuby as much as you do. Successes! 😄📸