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We Became One of Turkey’s Top 20 Startups! 🎉

Our stand attracted great attention and we answered the questions of hundreds of guests in two days 🤩

ITU Çekirdek Incubation Center is an “entrepreneurial olympic village” for aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups with technological and innovative products or business ideas! In short, it is an exciting meeting point for ideas that can turn into great inventions and commercial successes of the future.

Big Bang Startup Challenge is an entrepreneurship event where ITU ARI Teknokent’s incubation center ITU Çekirdek, which ranks among the top 5 incubation centers in the world, determines the best of the new startups every year. Big Bang Startup Challenge brings startups together with the business and investment world. In this way, entrepreneurs become the focus of investors and funds and meet potential customers by meeting with their first capital. 🐝

Postuby was among the top 20 startups selected from tens of thousands of applicants. 🥳 We wanted to share this success with you!

Think about it, we had many visitors flocking to our booth during the event. We were flooded with curious eyes, excited faces and inspired conversations! Postuby has received incredible interest and demand. Everyone was fascinated by our innovative solutions and extraordinary features and excitedly lined up to talk to us 💪

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We received a 50 thousand dollar investment and promised to grow abroad🚀

Are you ready? Because Postuby’s journey has been a real explosion! Our extraordinary performance at ITU Çekirdek’s Big Bang Startup Challenge event mesmerized investors and brought us a $50,000 investment opportunity. But wait, it doesn’t end there! 💰

By promising to grow abroad, we excited investors with the promise of a global exit.

Throughout the event, we were a favorite of entrepreneurs and investors and it turned out to be a period of really exciting opportunities for us. At this event, where we came together with the most important names of the business world, investors saw the enormous potential of Postuby and did not want to miss the opportunity to cooperate 🤝

We met these investments that provided our first capital and at the same time we established close relationships with potential customers. With this support and trust, we promise that Postuby will write a great success story abroad in the future as well! 💛

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We met Hakkı Alkan from, explained Postuby and Shiftdelete team shared us on their site 🤓

ShiftDelete.Net is one of the most respected technology platforms in Turkey and to stand out among dozens of technology sites and make it to the recommended list is indeed a great pride and achievement. We became a shining name among the stars on that list and this became a milestone that excited us.

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With this proposal, we are happy to recognize the value of our work and our success. ShiftDelete.Net’s trust and appreciation has registered our belief in us and our quality. This special place has given us the opportunity to reach more people and make a bigger impact in the tech world.


We were on the stage twice for two days, we were among the top 20 startups with our presentation performance 🥳

For two days we shone on stage, captivated the audience with our presentations and left them spellbound. Our ideas, innovative solutions and enthusiasm impressed the jury members and the audience. With this performance, we deserved to be among the top 20 startups at the Big Bang Startup Challenge and we are proud of it. 👌

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We had the opportunity to have a close conversation with Serdar Kuzuloğlu, who is known all over Turkey 🎤

Serdar Kuzuloğlu is one of Turkey’s most recognized and respected figures. As a man who has left a deep mark in the business world, in the media and as a presenter, it is a great privilege to have a close conversation with him. And that’s exactly what we had! 😎

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