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Data Security

While providing services in an environment where world-class network, data and physical security conditions are provided, we evaluate our security policies and practices according to changing conditions and make necessary updates regularly.


SSL, which is used in POSTUBY servers, ensures the safe transfer of data between our users and the system by being encrypted.

User Access

No one has access to your company account unless they are invited by you as a user. Only in case of a technical or system failure, authorized POSTUBY personnel will access your data for support, upon your permission from your account.

User Passwords

Users are expected to create strong passwords and the users themselves are responsible for the confidentiality of the passwords they create. In case of multiple wrong logins, the user account is blocked. Sessions that remain open for a long time are automatically closed.

Physical Security, Network Security and Firewall

We work with Amazon Web Services for data storage and backup, and server security and configuration services. In addition, as the operating systems we use are developed, we work to find possible security vulnerabilities and respond immediately. Network security against external virtual attacks is provided via AWS. Thus, we create a firewall where we can protect our system and our users.

Data Sharing

We are committed to protecting data privacy within the framework of our user agreement. Together with our business partners, we offer value-added services to our users. Our users, who activate these services, naturally share data with these companies during the use of these services. Apart from that, we do not share your data with any institution, organization or individual.

Data Backup

Your data is backed up daily against possible technical problems and each backup is kept for 2 weeks.

Your Data is Safer with POSTUBY

With POSTUBY, your data is not stored on your computer. Thus, even if your computer is broken, stolen or lost, your data remains completely safe.

In cases where you need to share your data with anyone inside or outside the company, you can provide much more secure access to your data by assigning the people you want to share your data with as users, instead of sending them via e-mail or USB.

For your data security:

  • Set a password that no one can guess
  • Do not share your password with anyone
  • Do not leave your password in the middle by writing it down on any piece of paper.
  • Update your browser
  • Only make sure you are logging in from